Sunil Trading Company

With 42 years of experience in the field, Sunil Trading Company has determined to be a market leader in supplying Steel Products. As a reputed Supplier of Steel Products in Delhi (India), we offer Industrial Steel, Metal Coils, Spring Steel Strips and Fasteners.

Spring Steel Strips

Spheroidised steel is a heat treated steel which is used to increase the formability and blankability during processing of high strength steel - typically with Carbon content (C %) of 0.45 % and above. This results in steel with Carbon Steel Strip combining ease of fabrication with good strength and surface finish.


Spring Steel Strips Grades : C-45, C-55, C60, C65, C70, C75, C85, HC-14, En 42 J, C-98, C-100, C-124 / HC21 etc.

We offer spring steel strip in various shapes and sizes according to your final uses :

  • Thickness : 1 mm - 8.0mm
  • Width : 6 mm - 450 mm
  • Temper : Spherodized annealed

Owing to the support of our experts, we supply a range of medium carbon steel strips that ensures durable finishing, rust resistance, reliability and high quality. Our ranges of these find numerous applications in various industries.,for instance Automobile Seat Belts, Safety Products (Seat Belts, Brake Components) Speciality Chains, Fine Blanked Components, Transmission parts etc.


Euronorm Germany UK USA
EN 10132-4 DIN 17222 BS 1449 SAE J403 %C %Mn %Si %S  %P
C50E CK 50 CS50 SAE 1050 .45-.55 .50-.90 .05-.35 .040 max .045 max
C67S CK67/C67 CS70 SAE 1070 .68- .73 .60- .85 .15- .25 .01 max .02 max
C75S CK75/C75 CS70 SAE 1074 .70- .75 .60- .80 .15- .30 .025 max .025 max
C85S CK85 CS80 SAE 1085 .80- .90 .40- .70 .15- .35 .025 max .025 max